Our Villas

_MG_7333Heron House:

Since its conception, many people have asked us where we got the name Heron House from. We wish we could tell you the name romantically came to us when we were staring into a beautiful setting sun with herons flying over amber hued fields of rice… but like most great ideas, the name was the creation of four tipsy friends during a lazy afternoon. Perhaps it was just the great company or the excellent wine, but the name immediately took root and soon became a big part of our life.

With its 3 spacious suites and rice field views, large garden, outdoor cinema, in house guests only bar and massive Texan smoker,  it is fair to say that we have a little something special for everyone.

Villa Iliou:

Villa Iliou started with a napkin at dinner one night as Loïc showed off his truly innovative dreams for the village combined with some of the worst artistic skills on the planet and yet despite the many scribbles, Van Anh was excited by the prospect.  2 years (& multiple squabbles) later and that napkin became not just a reality, but a shared dream come true.

With its 4 tasteful bedrooms, multiple luxury touches around the villa, spanning views of the rice fields, tastefully modern chic interior design, and an eye for some of life’s most important details we have been utterly blown away by the great feedback from our guests thus far.

Hope that by now, you already feel how much we love our corner of the rice fields and that you will too. We look forward to welcoming you into our home in Hoi An!