Our Hood

Heron House is a lovely French-colonial-styled villa situated among the vast fields of rice paddies that have grown to be one of the most endearing images of Vietnam. We love the natural lights of the stars at night, the soft breezes with sweet scents of young rice and the sounds of birds chirping early in the morning around the house. At the same time, some of our guests are generally more taken with the sprawling blue skies, giant water buffaloes, and the sounds of the local children’s laughter as they return home to the village from school. It is all part of the peaceful local life where you get to have a glimpse into farmers’ days and understand why they can smile so warmly. You will most likely run into our lovely 4-year-old neighbour who is eager to greet every newcomer after 10 seconds of seeing you with a giant smile and a hollering “hello!” We can only hope that the people and village stay this genuine and friendly for a long time to come and that all our guests have the opportunity to take a stroll around the area and come to find out firsthand how lovely the local life can be.