Hoi An

If the allures of the UNESCO World Heritage Town are too much to deny however, a breezy bike ride of just over two kilometers will bring you into the old town of Hoi An, one of the most graceful and atmospheric places you can find in Asia. Actually, now come to think about it, we have never met anyone who has not enjoyed their time in Hoi An. You might have seen beautiful images online of nostalgic yellow walls, colorful silk lanterns, smiling street vendors, and bustling friendly cafés, and you can trust us that this town will not disappoint. Before having officially moved here, we had traveled to Hoi An many times over the years for its chilled vibe, unique local cuisine, talented tailor shops, friendly locals, some late nights out, and (perhaps as a result) usually ended the trip with a lazy day by the beach. The town just truly has it all.